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Putting the Old Beast to Work

Beast is my old 64bit quad-core ATX box. It’s not really that old but I have called my box “Beast” for 8 years now, so the tradition is old. Beast has a 90W CPU which is way too hot for … Continue reading

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More than a Decade of GNU/Linux at Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

The imminent death of NT4 prompted Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, to migrate from that other OS to GNU/Linux (Google Translate of http://www.schwaebischhall.de/buergerstadt/rathaus/linux.html) over several years starting in 1997 for servers and 2001 for desktops. They found GNU/Linux was solid on servers … Continue reading

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Uniting the GNU/Linux Desktop

I often read that diversity is a failing or GNU/Linux for the desktop. Apparently, that is not really a problem: Migration Size (PCs) French police 90000 Extremadura 40000 Munich 14000 These organizations just chose a distribution of GNU/Linux and ran … Continue reading

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