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Global Use of GNU/Linux

According to NetApplications, GNU/Linux is used more in North America than anywhere else on the planet… Continent Share (%) Africa 0.69 Asia 0.74 Australia 0.68 Europe 1.52 North America 2.41 South America 1.01 I don’t think so. Where have the … Continue reading

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I Told You So, Ubuntu GNU/Linux Desktops are Emerging in 2012

If you cannot go in through the front door to retail sales establishments, go in through the back… Ubuntu GNU/Linux is now ready to run on gadgets like the Motorola Atrix smart phone and work like a desktop when docked. … Continue reading

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Penguins Seen Over California

About the same time that Mountain View, California was shifting to 88% GNU/Linux, according to NetApplications, California shifted from 1.5% to 18%. What’s with that? Google has only 10K employees in Mountain View, not enough to change the share in … Continue reading

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