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M$ on Servers: How The Mighty Art Fallen

Look at the choices of operating system Dell offers on servers: Operating System Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5.5 Novell® SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server 11 SP1 x64 Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 Enterprise and HPC Server 2008 R2 x64 Look what … Continue reading

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Armageddon Ar`ma*ged”don ([aum]r*m[.a]”j[e^]”d’n), n. the final, decisive battle between the forces of good and evil, as foretold in the Apocolypse of Saint John. Amen. I have often pointed out that there is a huge inventory of PCs running XP on … Continue reading

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Superiority of FLOSS

I have been writing software since 1968. I can remember the day I first wrote a few pages of code that was correct on the first draft. It took years to accomplish that for simple codes. Humans just are prone … Continue reading

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M$’s Empire – Structural Failure is Imminent

Porting M$’s office suite to ARM is one thing. Porting it to Apple’s iPad is another. Amid accusations of fake images but not outright denials of the existence of a port to iOS, one thing is clear. M$’s empire, like … Continue reading

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What To Do About Syria?

There was a lot of political, human and monetary capital expended during the Arab Spring. Now Syria has boiled over. There are few options: ignore Syria, increase sanctions gradually, increase sanctions rapidly, arm the rebels, and support the rebels. None … Continue reading

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Apple: Due Diligence versus Fraud

Apple is not one of my favourite companies. I don’t like their products, their way of doing business and their hype. It’s not the right way to do IT. Lately, Apple has been suing the world over smart thingies like … Continue reading

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Government of Australia Revists Document File Formats

The government of Australia previously expressed a desire to standardize aspects of 250K seats to enhance reliability of IT. They had stated that M$’s OOXML would be the standard file format and received a wave of comments. Unexpectedly, it resulted … Continue reading

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Bill G Got One Thing Right

Bill Gates, to his troops, 2001-01-04 – “Our most potent Operating System competitor is Linux and the phenomena around Open Source and free software. The same phenomena fuels competitors to all of our products. The ease of picking up Linux … Continue reading

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CIA: Pay as You Go. Work for a Living

Software vendors and their partners with whom I have dealt have the attitude that because they own software, the world owes them a living. An example of this can be seen in the negotiations between M$ and IBM over licensing … Continue reading

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Suing Over a “flawed understanding of the law”

Remember the lawsuit over the TimeZone database? It has been withdrawn with an apology and a covenant not to sue. I remember a time when people sued each other after one received some damage. This is plain crazy, that people … Continue reading

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Tempest in a Teapot: Intel AppUp Promotes LibreOffice

SJVN and others are excited about the introduction of LibreOffice, competitive office suite to M$’s offering, on Intel’s AppUp service. While it is noteworthy that part of Wintel is supporting some good FLOSS, my “spider sense” was tingling, so I … Continue reading

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Monopoly is Not Natural for IT

One of the nuggets from my gleaning exhibits of US DOJ v M$ is a rant by Nathan Myhrvold of M$ about how great M$ was and how misunderstood. He begins with this warped view of reality: “The computer industry … Continue reading

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