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Linus Swats Security on SUSE

Linus is more than a bit outspoken and is not shy to use strong language. He is in the news lately because SUSE asks for the root password for: setting up wireless, setting up a new printer, and setting date/time, … Continue reading

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Canadian Senator Daniel Lang Starts Debate on Ridding Us of the Long Firearm Registry

Yesterday, in Canada’s Senate Daniel Lang began the debate for second reading. I could not say it any better. There were several fine speeches following. He and others spoke from wisdom on the problems the present bill will cure but … Continue reading

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US Government Department of Commerce Promotes FLOSS

They are offering $10K for the best FLOSS app for helping businesses use Department Of Commerce data. Chuckle. Times have changed. There was a time when they would have developed the app in-house or asked for quotations… see Whitehouse Business … Continue reading

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Usage of GNU/Linux in Moscow

Recently the government of Russia has decided to migrate to GNU/Linux. A project to develop a set of distros for that purpose has reached the stage where testing may become more widespread. It has been approved by one ministry of … Continue reading

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Proof of the Usability of GNU/Linux

For years, I have been told by various people from the world of IT that GNU/Linux will never make it on the desktop because of [insert list of complaints/claims/exaggerations/irrelevancies] even while many millions of individuals, schools, organizations, businesses large and … Continue reading

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M$ Still Confused by Leap Year

Should people who don’t understand Leap Year be in charge of your IT? I don’t think so. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux who seem to have it done right. M$ lost its cloud today with the February 29 thing. It seems … Continue reading

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