GNU/Linux on the Desktop: Alive and Growing

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is repeating the same old stuff:
“Linux is dead in the water. Outside of the kernel forming the foundation for Android (that platform is going places) and server use, Linux is a fringe platform, and it’s hard for a company like Adobe to justify continuing to support the platform.”

He was writing about Adobe cutting its losses in Flash technology, now deprecated because of HTML 5. AK-H is wrong on so many facets:

  • The share he quotes is the lowest you will find anywhere. All other estimates are higher and many are ~10%
  • The share he quotes is growing 100% per annum.
  • GNU/Linux has been ahead of MacOS for years and Adobe supports MacOS. The stats he reports are heavily weighted to USA, merely 20% of PCs. He shows MacOS at 6% while Apple, itself shows only 16.7 million Macs shipped in FY2011, while the world shipped 360 million. Apple only claims 4.6%. Apple had 360 retail stores in the whole world while Dell, selling Ubuntu GNU/Linux had that many in China alone and 24K stores globally. Dell had 25% growth in the BRIC countries where GNU/Linux is very popular.
  • More businesses are supporting GNU/Linux all the time.

So, while Adobe and AK may believe GNU/Linux is dead in the water, the real reason for abandoning Flash on GNU/Linux lies elsewhere, likely the fact that Flash is a dead-end technology with HTML 5 ramping up. Killing Flash in 5 years is irrelevant for that reason.

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