The Market is Deciding

Unlike IDC et al, I have no access to tons of information from all over, but I can see what is on “Bestsellers” lists on retail web sites. For tablets, I am still reading that Apple’s iPadtm is dominant. This is what Walmart says about tablet-PCs on their bestsellers list:

Tablet OS Price
Pandigital Star 7″ Android 2.2


Pandigital SuperNova 8″ Android 2.3


Lepan TC970 9.7″ Android 2.2


Coby Kryos 7″ Android 2.3


Samsung Refurbished Galaxy Tab Android 3.1


Blackberry Playbook 7″ 64gB Blackberry


Pandigital Planet 7″ Android 2.3


Blackberry Playbook 7″ 32gB Blackberry


Maylong M-250 7″ Android 2.2


ASUS T101-A1 10.1″ Android 3.0


Apple iPad 2 9.7″ 32gB iOS


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android 3.2


So, with this little database, I conclude:

  1. Apple and Samsung are a bit over-priced
  2. Android/Linux’s price/performance beats Apple iPad all to heck
  3. Android 4/ICS still has not made a dent
  4. iOS will not have the lead in installed base much longer… 😉
  5. A good tablet should cost ~$200
  6. Walmart is certainly not shy about Linux any longer…

I predict, in 2012, prices for tablets will continue to fall as the low-end devices keep improving and the high-end devices feel the competition. There is certainly competition in this market with the large range of suppliers, models, and prices. With the market expanding as rapidly as it is, I don’t see any shake-out of OEMs this year. That means a lot of tablets will sell. Some are predicting 100 million or more. I think it could be much more. I doubt that other OS with “8” on tablets will do much in such a competitive market unless M$ gives it away or pays OEMs to install it but then Android has such a huge lead as does iOS.

My little survey suggests Apple and Samsung either are not selling as well as some say, or that there shares are overstated.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to The Market is Deciding

  1. Clarence Moon says:

    If by “iCrap” you are referring to the trendsetting iPhone and iPad products from Apple, you are correct, sir! If you could only bring yourself to drop the juvenile potty humor, you could join the adult table soon and perhaps contribute some worthwhile thoughts to the conversation.

  2. oe says:

    The folks who buy iCrap I guess…..

  3. Kozmcrae says:

    Clarence and his Ego said:

    “But do the people who shape popular trends and opinions shop there?”

    Who are the people who shape popular trends and opinions?

  4. Clarence Moon says:

    But do the people who shape popular trends and opinions shop there? That is the question I raise.

  5. Clarence Moon wrote, “Walmart is a little too plebeian to be a high tech bellwether”

    Net sales were $419 million in USA last year.

    Someone shops there.

  6. Clarence Moon says:

    Unlike IDC et al, I have no access …, but I can see…

    I suspect that you are not looking very hard at what you do not want to see, Mr. Pogson, but there is still a chance that you may be correct and a lot of professional analysts will be red in the face when their sage predictions turn to dust.

    Walmart is a little too plebeian to be a high tech bellwether, I think, and a more believable source would be Amazon. They are somewhat biased towards their own Kindle Fire (and with good reason, in my opinion), but after allowances for that, they are among the more conventional seers with the larger sized models leading the pack. Walmart is more for the hapless rubes in this market.

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