HP’s CEO Hallucinates

Meg Whitman is reported to have stated in public that WebOS could be an important player in the long run as an open-source mobile OS because Android could become closed source with Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility (paraphrase – not a quotation).

Clearly she does not get Free Software nor does she understand that there is a huge installed base of Free Software that is Android/Linux and it is not going away. Google has stated that it intends to stick with Free Software. So, how can HP and WebOS depend on Android/Linux going closed for opportunity? WebOS has merits on its own. It does not need Google to change in order to take control of its own market.

Sheesh! Where do corporations find these people? What kind of an audience would accept this nonsense at HP’s Global Partner Conference?

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3 Responses to HP’s CEO Hallucinates

  1. Ray says:

    If this ever happens, we can just fork it 😛

  2. Andrew says:

    And your source is…

    I’m learning here.

  3. dooey says:

    Google treats FLOSS worse than Microsoft…and it intends to stick with Free Software!

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