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The Future of OS X

Mac OS X has become OS X. There is speculation about why that is. Perhaps Macs are old-fashioned. Another possibility, remote though it may be, is that Apple wants to go head-to-head with M$ on x86/amd64 hardware. Look at it … Continue reading

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MySQL Cluster on the Road Again

Oracle has released version 7.2.4 which they claim is greatly improved in throughput with redundancy. The thing is huge with a .deb package of 300 MB. This looks like the kind of product a website might use to scale up … Continue reading

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HP’s CEO Hallucinates

Meg Whitman is reported to have stated in public that WebOS could be an important player in the long run as an open-source mobile OS because Android could become closed source with Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility (paraphrase – not … Continue reading

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Bruce Byfield: Why Isn’t GNOME Listening?

Bruce Byfield swings hard. Sometimes he hits foul balls and other times he gets a home run. He has connected solidly with this piece: Why Isn’t GNOME Listening? The part I like best is where he compares recent GNOMEs to … Continue reading

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Letter to ACER

From: Robert Pogson To: ACER Corporate Sustainability Office cr@acer.com.tw I have been an observer of developments in information technology for decades and I enjoyed what ACER has done with the netbook and devices using ARM processors. These are areas of … Continue reading

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