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Today is the Day

Today is the day Bill C-19 should pass the House of Commons late this afternoon barring Acts of God or other such calamities. It has been a long time coming but the House is about to free us from the … Continue reading

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M$ Fails Computer Science 101

Once again we see the tragic vulnerabilities M$ has spread over the planet including newbie mistakes in allocating buffers and strings. IE includes vulnerabilities that will allow remote code execution with no user interaction. Just viewing a page will be … Continue reading

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That Other OS: A Long Good-Bye Or Divorce Italian Style

SJVN and others have opined on whether or not “8” will be a hit for M$. Jason Perlow has a different take. He writes that “7” and legacy apps will be around for a long time and new development will … Continue reading

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Wikimedia Stats

Wikimedia Stats, run by Erik Zachte, seems to be down today (403 error). I hope this means this valuable resource is being upgraded: “Stats tables … Hi Tony, wikistats will migrate to a new server, hopefully in January 2012. I … Continue reading

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