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Really Closing The Windows

Here’s a video of a parent who overhauled his daughter’s PC spending $130 on new software. He found the daughter had posted disrespectful notes on FaceBook. The next day he fixed the PC finally with a .45 ACP. While I … Continue reading

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Nixie Pixel Goes on the Attack

Nixie Pixel has started a regular show, OS ALT, the first issue of which is below: M$ is in trouble. Nixie had years of on-the-job training and has become quite skillfull and polished. I think it would be great for … Continue reading

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US Marines Slim Down IT

The US Marines are moving to using thin clients to slim down IT. It’s either that or less IT with cuts to the budget. The obvious difficulty is maintaining mobile connectivity. The standard techniques for offices are a little shaky … Continue reading

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SUSE, One Popular Distro I Have Rarely Used

SUSE has accomplished a lot and is celebrating 20 years of life this year. They are big in mainframe and super-computing GNU/Linux and have global reach. I have not used SUSE much for a few reasons: in my early days … Continue reading

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