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WOW! New Hampshire Gets FLOSS

“it is in the public interest that the state of New Hampshire consider using open source software in its public computing functions.” That’s from the preamble of a bill that just passed through both houses in the state’s legislature. The … Continue reading

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Want a Third-Rate Server? Put That Other OS On It

Netcraft has again published it’s hosting survey. It shows that other OS is still far less popular than GNU/Linux. Only 7 out of 43 reports uses that other OS while GNU/Linux counts 28. I dug deeper into the table to … Continue reading

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M$ v NOOK: Hammering or Being Hammered?

M$ v Barnes and Noble took a comical turn this week. M$ decided to drop several of its claims of patent violation. They now only have three claims left and those three are weak, terribly weak. Patent #6,957,233: Making annotations … Continue reading

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