British Telecom Recognizes the Value of Linux

“BT plans an ambitious over-the-internet upgrade to over half a million customers, with Windows CE being replaced by a Linux variant, and a browser and middleware stack being provided by UK software house Oregan Networks – plus and a new cataloguing system and user-interface from Australian TV software biz, Massive Interactive, who provided much the same for Telstra’s Big Pond service.”

see The Register – BT Vision throws Microsoft Mediaroom under a bus for Linux/Set-top box software to be torn out and replaced over the net

Rather than deal with the inflexibility and cost of M$’s software and licensing, British Telecom plans to replace it with a system based on Linux in hundreds of thousands of set-top boxes of subscribers. Now, if only businesses avoided the lock-in in the first place… they could do it right and avoid the cost of migration.

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