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More FUD Gone

One of the key elements spread by FUDsters is the doubt about being able to do real stuff using */Linux. The naysayers trot out some pet application that they may never have used as an example of an application not … Continue reading

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Bill to end Long Firearm Registry Up for Final Reading in Canadian House of Commons

It’s been a long time coming but C-19 is proposed to be amended and debated next week. The Opposition intends to delete most of the clauses. The great day will be Monday, 2011-2-6. Then the thing should go on to … Continue reading

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Linux 3.3/3.4 Will Be Androidian

“The 3.3 kernel release will let you boot an Android userspace with no modifications, but not very good power management. The 3.4 kernel release will hopefully have the power management hooks that Android needs in it, along with a few … Continue reading

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British Telecom Recognizes the Value of Linux

“BT plans an ambitious over-the-internet upgrade to over half a million customers, with Windows CE being replaced by a Linux variant, and a browser and middleware stack being provided by UK software house Oregan Networks – plus and a new … Continue reading

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