UK Looking at GNU/Linux for Web Portal

Glyn Moody has more details on the new web portal being tested by It runs on GNU/Linux on Amazon EC2. They should save a ton of money by running that way combined with centralizing web services.

Like many organizations, UK has grown sites/servers like dust bunnies and rationalizing them should provide a lot of economy in hardware and software. The neat feature of the new site is that searching will replace menus largely. Done right, that can be very helpful. A search of the old site for “Linux” finds two hits, one is a document including a suggestion to use more FLOSS:
“Government IT
One public sector worker said that government IT contracts should be a renegotiated across the board. Another suggested: What about migrating the whole of government (the NHS, Education etc) from Microsoft products to Linux and open source software like Openoffice. A third public sector worker with the same idea says this would support a more diverse spectrum of the IT industry, and generate additional UK tax revenue.”

Amen. It looks like they got the hint. I don’t see a snippet of M$’s stuff in the list.
“What this means is that the core UK government site will not only be running almost entirely on open source, but will act as an incredible advertisement for what open source can do. Indeed, I don’t see how any corporate IT director will be able to arguably plausibly against open source deployment in the face of this massive roll-out by the UK government.”

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux but Ubuntu‘s better than that other OS.

I wonder how M$ let this one slip by EDGI? I would bet someone in the UK told M$ to take a hike. GNU/Linux has huge advantages in new implementations and a huge one is cost.

Plug this feed into your newsreader to keep up with those Brits.

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  1. Been banging on about this for years. Very strange feelings now that it is finally happening. Strange because I was ignored, ridiculed, sidelined by the other OS’s shills/etc?

    Good work.

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