Internet Enabled Mobile Devices Steal Share

Further evidence of the impact of IEMDs on IT. IDC reports that the printing market has flattened and may remain flat with little growth for years to come because people are using smartphones and tablets to read documents rather than shuffling hard copies.

Oh boy! Printing is one of the top uses of PCs in the desktop/notebook market, especially in business. Less of that usage is one more reason not to buy a PC. Of course the people producing the documents may still want a keyboard and large screen but the consumers may not… Producers may be quite happy to ship PDFs.

This is a further weakening of the monopoly. Folks can use GNU/Linux just fine to create PDFs and folks can read them on their smart thingies. Woe is M$. The sales of smart thingies is still ramping up so this effect will only grow. It might be optimistic to see printing and desktop/notebook PCs flat. They could decline. This trend may also indicate there will be demand for smart thingies with larger screens.

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  1. Ryan Holtz says:

    Hah, point taken.

    Dunno though, for me I’d want the number of comments to show up so that it helps promote popularity.

  2. Ryan Holtz wrote, “The blog does have a few bugs but generally it remains consistent.

    Wouldn’t you want to fix this?”

    Sure, but the bugs are such little annoyance that it’s not worth the effort. For example, the problem with CSS clobbering some table/list settings generated by TinyMCE in my browser is something I can live with. I believe people more able than I will take care of it eventually. It may well be an issue with my browser. WP is very usable and that’s what I care most about. The issue with Chrome browser that it insists on “smooth” scrolling which is not smooth on a thin client is a far more serious issue. Things that slow me down matter. Things that don’t look exactly as I wish is something I can tolerate. I can prefer all women being beautiful and helpful but I can tolerate meeting them occasionally. Variety is the spice of life. If I really wanted particular items to be displayed exactly as I wished, I can always work around it by using images and they would then still be searchable by Google if I plugged in some meta-information.

  3. Ryan Holtz says:

    The blog does have a few bugs but generally it remains consistent.

    Wouldn’t you want to fix this? I mean the Windows types are laughing at this. It makes Linux look bad when this type of stuff happens.

    Unit testing helps to spot such errors. For example:

    It’s great when running in Ubuntu.

  4. A fellow posted a correction to his comment and I deleted one. A page refresh would likely make your world perfect. The blog does have a few bugs but generally it remains consistent.

  5. Ryan Holtz says:

    Your blog is screwed up. The number of comments reported on the main page is different than the actual post.

  6. Dan Serban says:

    “Producers may be quite happy to ship PDFs.”

    Or even better, interactive content made with HTML5, JS and CSS3.

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