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The Rise of GNU/Linux on the Desktop

According to NetApplications, GNU/Linux continues its rise on the desktop. The trendline shows 8% per month increase in share, 150% per annum. I don’t know what has changed in NetApplications’ world but in the real world, a rate of growth … Continue reading

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UK Looking at GNU/Linux for Web Portal

Glyn Moody has more details on the new web portal being tested by gov.uk. It runs on GNU/Linux on Amazon EC2. They should save a ton of money by running that way combined with centralizing web services. Like many organizations, … Continue reading

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The Chinese Are Back

Now that New Year celebrations are over, we have some interesting new facts coming to light. The latest is that 531 million Chinese use the Internet. There are a lot that still do not but Of the Internet surfers, 391.77 … Continue reading

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Internet Enabled Mobile Devices Steal Share

Further evidence of the impact of IEMDs on IT. IDC reports that the printing market has flattened and may remain flat with little growth for years to come because people are using smartphones and tablets to read documents rather than … Continue reading

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XP/IE6 in the Enterprise

According to The Register web stats showing IE6 down in USA:, “gathered by Net Applications, counts browsers running on Joe Netizen’s PC. It doesn’t count enterprise users. IE6 is dug in like a First World War sniper with 80 per … Continue reading

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