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Open Works for Bloomberg

Bloomberg has opened its API, providing a Software Development Kit (SDK) so developers can import Bloomberg’s financial market data into any application. This is cool. It shows the idea of openness in IT is mainstream. The short-sighted thinking that one … Continue reading

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Shortage of Hard Drives is Huge

The flooding in Thailand in 2011 knocked out many factories and caused a huge shortage of drives which peaked in December 2011. Seagate said, “Shortage of drives by the end of this year is likely to be about 150 million … Continue reading

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Petition the Governement of the USA to Use FLOSS

There is a petition asking the government of the USA to increase usage of FLOSS. While I agree with that general goal the wording of the petition is a bit strange: Lower the national debt by expanding the government’s use … Continue reading

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Good News From All Over

Some days there does not seem to be a big story but I thought to make a list of good things found all over the web. Found in a RedHat (India) employee’s resume:“Roll out of customized Thin Client operating system … Continue reading

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