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Linus Swats Security on SUSE

Linus is more than a bit outspoken and is not shy to use strong language. He is in the news lately because SUSE asks for the root password for: setting up wireless, setting up a new printer, and setting date/time, … Continue reading

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Canadian Senator Daniel Lang Starts Debate on Ridding Us of the Long Firearm Registry

Yesterday, in Canada’s Senate Daniel Lang began the debate for second reading. I could not say it any better. There were several fine speeches following. He and others spoke from wisdom on the problems the present bill will cure but … Continue reading

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US Government Department of Commerce Promotes FLOSS

They are offering $10K for the best FLOSS app for helping businesses use Department Of Commerce data. Chuckle. Times have changed. There was a time when they would have developed the app in-house or asked for quotations… see Whitehouse Business … Continue reading

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Usage of GNU/Linux in Moscow

Recently the government of Russia has decided to migrate to GNU/Linux. A project to develop a set of distros for that purpose has reached the stage where testing may become more widespread. It has been approved by one ministry of … Continue reading

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Proof of the Usability of GNU/Linux

For years, I have been told by various people from the world of IT that GNU/Linux will never make it on the desktop because of [insert list of complaints/claims/exaggerations/irrelevancies] even while many millions of individuals, schools, organizations, businesses large and … Continue reading

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M$ Still Confused by Leap Year

Should people who don’t understand Leap Year be in charge of your IT? I don’t think so. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux who seem to have it done right. M$ lost its cloud today with the February 29 thing. It seems … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux for the Masses

So far there have been lots of smartphones and tablets running FLOSS but this year a new kind of gadget is becoming mainstream, the computer on a stick. The best one I have seen comes with Ubuntu GNU/Linux or Android/Linux … Continue reading

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Mountain View, California, Penguin Heaven

I used NetApplications‘ data to create this gem: It clearly shows that there was a huge migration to GNU/Linux in 2010 in Mountain View, California. Besides showing that Google did migrate users of those other operating systems to GNU/Linux, it … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Numbers

I love numbers. They can be measured and specified with arbitrary precision. They can bore, dampen or exhilarate one’s feelings. Android/Linux latest numbers really are great: 850000 activations per day, 300 million installed devices, 450K apps in Android Market, 1 … Continue reading

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Israel v Iran

The BBC has an article considering Israel’s military options against Iran designed to stop Iran’s nuclear programme. The article concentrates on bombing and missile attacks but misses one important option that Israel has, nuclear weapons. Israel is believed to have … Continue reading

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Limux: Munich Has Reached 10000 PCs Migrated

As of 2012-2-23, the city of Munich has converted 10000 of its PCs to GNU/Linux and almost all of its 15000 PCs to 3.2.1, ODF standard and a Wiki distributing a complete set of templates for all their offices. … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux on the Desktop: Alive and Growing

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is repeating the same old stuff: “Linux is dead in the water. Outside of the kernel forming the foundation for Android (that platform is going places) and server use, Linux is a fringe platform, and it’s hard for … Continue reading

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