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Solution Finds A Problem

The Chromebook, essentially a browser built into a thin-ish client, has not been wildly successful in the marketplace because many people find it limiting compared to thick clients but there are exceptions. Education has some unique requirements: Young people are … Continue reading

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More Market Forces Squeezing the Monopoly

The desktop monopoly of M$ is looking very old today. Emerging markets are consuming an ever larger piece of the PC pie (Asia/Pacific exluding Japan shipped about 1/3 of PCs with per annum growth of 11%) and they are not … Continue reading

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*/Linux PCs for Consumers

I am tired of people claiming that M$ won the war and GNU/Linux need not apply here or there in IT. It’s crap, unadulterated crap. GNU/Linux is more popular than ever and finding its way to lots of retail spaces … Continue reading

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HTC Catches the Train

HTC and Samsung are huge players in smart thingies. It’s a battle to ship more faster. HTC has hired IBM to its sales team. The idea is that IBM will grease the skids for sliding HTC devices into large businesses … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bots

Today this site had an hour-long denial of service. The logs were normal until 6 bots came to visit simultaneously… on a busy day. We’ve doubled the RAM again. Hope this works.

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Linux Takes Off on Wikimedia

With some provisos about the inherent unreliability of User-Agent analysis and logging Wikimedia report the following usage changes from 2011-11 to 2011-12: OS Nov (%) Dec (%) Windows 78.01% 74.20% Mac 8.41% 8.58% iPhone 3.65% 5.47% Linux 3.55% 4.44% iPad … Continue reading

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Wasting Time and Lives in Syria

The Arab League’s well-intentioned visits and discussions about the situation in Syria are doing nothing but wasting time and lives. There is no way the old regime and the opposition are going to form a “unity” government after so many … Continue reading

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Extremadura Goes All the Way

Extremadura was in the news years ago for rolling out a lot of GNU/Linux desktops overnight. Now that they have more experience and presumably a more complex system, they are going to a complete Debian GNU/Linux solution on all desktops … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI Is Serious

For those who claim the ultimate small cheap computer, Raspberry Pi, is not serious look at it running XBMC, a multimedia system (which I run under two TVs in my home on Atoms). It’s clearly good enough. No need for … Continue reading

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CES 2012 – 20K New Gadgets

CES 2012 was the largest show yet for the consumer electronics industry. With 3K exhibitors, 153000 visitors and 20K new gadgets displayed, it reveals the fires of innovation are burning brightly, just not for M$ and its Wintel “partners”. This … Continue reading

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App Inventor Rises From the Ashes Like Phoenix

Google’s App Inventor is being implemented at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It’s not ready for public use yet but geeks are invited to try the sourcecode and give feedback. It is expected to be ready for public use some … Continue reading

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M$’s Revenue From Android/Linux

Much has been written on the web about M$’s taxation of Android/Linux but M$ mentions little but lawsuits in its recent 10-Q report. In fact, there we read, “there are approximately 60 other patent infringement cases pending against Microsoft.” Nowhere … Continue reading

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