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The weather office in UK has quit providing widgets for GNU/Linux desktops thanks to Adobe dropping support for AIR in GNU/Linux. There is a workaround. On my PC, running Debian GNU/Linux, there is an app called “metar”:
metar -d eggp
EGGP 301220Z 11008KT 8000 FEW020 04/M00 Q1027
Station : EGGP
Day : 30
Time : 12:20 UTC
Wind direction: 110 (ESE)
Wind speed : 8 KT
Wind gust : 8 KT
Visibility : 8000 M
Temperature : 4 C
Dewpoint : 0 C
Pressure : 1027 hPa
Clouds : FEW at 2000 ft
Phenomena :

It’s trivial to extract from that whatever you want:
metar -d eggp|grep ^Temp
Temperature : 4 C

That’s for Liverpool, but many other airports publish METAR data.

It’s trivial to periodically refresh that information in a window or title bar in GNU/Linux, making your own widget. I have mine on the menubar which I access with a single click but I could also make it update automatically in a virtual desktop, say, using crontab. Either way, I don’t need to rely on Adobe for weather info. Isn’t FLOSS grand? Independence from unreliable software suppliers is priceless.

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  1. The Canadian government service is pretty reliable. It is rare that they are 1oC off highs and lows and predictions several days off are pretty good. The IT they use to model the weather must be impressive.

  2. salparadise says:

    The Met Office would have trouble predicting Christmas. Their forecasts are more or less universally wrong. They can’t get this afternoon’s weather right most of the time, yet alone tomorrow’s or a few days hence.

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