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Oracle Shoots Foot, Repeatedly, in Oracle v Google

It’s absolutely amazing that Oracle, having some of the most expensive lawyers on the planet, cannot even follow the rules of evidence and procedure. Oracle cannot even provide expert witness to many of its patent claims. The simple thing required … Continue reading

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Good Years for MrPogson.com

I started this blog back in 2007, more or less for fun. Later, I got more serious as I found many popular forums on the web quite biased against FLOSS. Hard work pays off. Thanks to all who contributed. The … Continue reading

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US Government is a Website Vandal

The US government in its haste to support big businesses seized a bunch of uploading sites. They claim big business loses money due to uploading copyright material to servers. Tons of data is at risk of being deleted. Certainly some … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! Tilera Servers Out in March

“the ramp for the Tilera chips has been pretty steep, with over 80 engagements with system and network equipment vendors of all colors and stripes, and 20 design wins where the company has committed to use a Tile processor” Wow! … Continue reading

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Weather in UK

The weather office in UK has quit providing widgets for GNU/Linux desktops thanks to Adobe dropping support for AIR in GNU/Linux. There is a workaround. On my PC, running Debian GNU/Linux, there is an app called “metar”: metar -d eggp … Continue reading

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