Strategy Analytics: Consumers are increasingly buying tablets in preference to netbooks and even entry-level notebooks or desktops

In Q4 2011, Strategy Analytics found that 26.8 million tablet PCs shipped with these distributions:

iOS 57.6%
Android 39.1%




26.8 million is 150% more than the same quarter last year so stay tuned for more growth and more slippage by M$ in the PC market. “Others” includes BlackBerry, WebOS and MeeGO, I suppose. M$ is thick with that bunch… Android/Linux is gradually overtaking iOS. I predict they will be even within a few months.

Share stolen from Wintel? 26.8 million is about 30% of x86 desktop/notebook shipments so about one in five tablets is taking the place of a desktop/notebook. Expect continuing no/low/negative growth, M$. Some people prefer small cheap computers.

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