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M$ Takes a Hit

Overall M$ had a fine last quarter, but one of the cash cows has run dry, the desktop operating system. Revenue was down 6% and income was down 11% for the client division. M$ repeats, “Windows Division revenue is largely … Continue reading

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Google+, 189 Million Users and Counting

see Google+ Usage I read an article stating the above link showed 186 million. When I clicked it two days later, I get 189 million, one million more per day. If the lights dim, we’ll know why. Imagine trying to … Continue reading

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Linux Foundation’s Latest Survey

It’s about large business’ use of GNU/Linux. While that’s a niche market for GNU/Linux, it’s large and growing: 8 out of 10 “inivtation-only” respondents plan to spend more on GNU/Linux servers in the next five years while only 2 out … Continue reading

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phpMyadmin – Exploited Wildly in Public

“Vulnerability in phpmyadmin in squeeze has been exploited wildly in public.” Come on people. If you need a GUI to administer MySQL there are better ways to do it than to expose a PHP script to the world: restrict phpMyAdmin … Continue reading

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x86PC Has Peaked. Here’s Proof.

One picture is worth millions of words. Here’s a site that has plotted sales/shipments of various platforms of personal computing over the decades. The PC has obviously peaked while new technology climbs like a scalded cat. It’s also clear that … Continue reading

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