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Hope Springs Eternal… That Other OS Will Save Us

With Vista, and “7” we heard this refrain: “benefiting by Intel’s launch of the Ivy Bridge platform, demand for notebook is expected to rise in the second quarter and with assistance from Windows 8 in the third quarter, a new … Continue reading

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The Price of Small Cheap Computers Keeps Getting Lowered

Need a smartphone with 445 hours of standby endurance? HTC has a low-end smartphone with that spec and it costs only £160. It’s light on storage but that’s OK if you mainly want to talk and browse the web. It … Continue reading

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Wintel Knows the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

There’s news from Taiwan that M$ and Intel are trying to jack up the price of “8” on tablets. Manufacturers are concerned the devices won’t sell well. They could be right. They know the world wants small cheap computers, not … Continue reading

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