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Oracle Has Run Aground in Oracle v Google

Judge Alsup has made some rulings. The consequences are substantial for Oracle v Google/Android/World. The judge will not set a date for trial until Oracle revises its damage-caculation. Twice an unreasonable sum has been presented with no good legal basis. … Continue reading

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M$ Seeks Monopoly on ARMed Devices

M$ is a big player in IT. By insisting that “secure booting” must be enabled on all ARMed devices on which M$ will licence “8”, M$ is seeking monopoly on ARM. Any manufacturers of ARMed chips will have to prevent … Continue reading

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Call for Leaner US Government

I just listened to a speech by President Obama stating he was doing what he could to cut the fat from government operations and that he was asking Congress to return the fast-track authority presidents used to have. He gave … Continue reading

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