History of Lies

This from the “Lies M$ Told Us” department”:

Microsoft stated that Windows is not intended to be used as a server, nor will future versions contain advanced OS/2 features such as distributed processing, the 32-bit flat memory model, threads or long file names. OS/2 is the recommended operating system environment for new or existing 286/386 systems with 3MB or more of memory.

M$ knew that other OS was a bizarre server with all kinds of features irrelevant to serving anything but they forced it on the world anyway once they solidified the DOS/Lose ’95 Wintel monopoly. Then they lost all rationality in computer science and produced the abortions of common sense that we saw shipping with no security whatsoever from 1990 onward.

see Groklaw – Appendix PX 1-17

and Groklaw – Novell Files Gargantuan Opposition to Microsoft’s Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law ~pj – Updated, as text

This is from Novell v M$ over leaving WordPerfect at the altar but it gives insight to the mindset of M$ in those days. They were charging just a few dollars per PC in those days when PCs cost a lot, perhaps 2% of the consumer’s price. Look what monopoly has wrought. Now they want 25% or more after Moore’s Law has done its work.

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