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Samsung started from nothing a few years ago in mobile phones and is poised to overtake the world-leader, Nokia. At the rate things are going that could happen in 2012. We are not talking simply about smartphones. Nokia produces a lot of “feature” phones that are not as flexible as smart phones. On the basis of Android/Linux smartphones mostly Samsung will soon overtake Nokia shipping all kinds of mobile phones.

That shows the advantages that FLOSS gives any manufacturer whether it is a PC or a smart phone. FLOSS allows anyone to bring a product to market sooner and at lower cost. It’s the right way to do any IT. The world can produce its own software and does not need M$ or Apple or RIM to produce it. It’s much more efficient for a business to use and to contribute to FLOSS than to go it alone or pay someone else who goes it alone. The result it better, faster and more efficient.

see The Register – Samsung: ‘We’ll nick Nokia’s global mobe crown this year’

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  1. oiaohm says:

    Phenom HTC was very offended over the carrieriq bit so they are providing unlocking tools for all android phones. They no longer give carriers exclusive firmware upgrade rights. HTC is very blunt about this. If the carriers don’t like it they can shove off basically.

    So anyone with at HTC phone with enough hardware power in it will be able to upgrade to current by third party option even if HTC does not.

    Also the nexus phones also are upgrade able to current under the same limitation.

    Basically android phones are not created equal. Some you will be able to upgrade some you will not.

    Same issue applies to WP 7 phones. Android looks worse due to the volume.

    This is what you fail to understand some makers of Android and WP 7 phones give the carrier exclusive upgrade control rights. Phenom

    You have a phone with carrier exclusive upgrade control rights and they decide not to update your phone stiff.

    Really I call this consumer abuse. MS does not control the hardware makers who are shipping there OS completely. This is where this nightmare comes form.

    RIM and Apple both have full control over hardware so can say no to this abuse.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Phenom really you are guilty of wishful thinking as well.

    Meego update system was better than androids.

    So as long as tizen follows Meego will not have the same issue as Android with update deployments.

    Really you have not seen some of the CES stuff.

  3. Phenom says:

    Ohio, your wishful thinking might be bringing you solace in your miserable everyday life, but it has absolutely zero value to the current discussion.

  4. Phenom says:

    Pogs, we’re speaking of smartphones here. Phones have nothing to do with desktops. Please do not move the goal post.

    “LG, others”
    Only not. As clearly stated in the article, most models would never have a chance to see 4.0, eventhough there hardware is potent.

  5. oiaohm says:

    Phenom even some WP7 phones did not receive updates.

    Iphone and Blackberry(RIM) has been the only ones where the end user has received 100 percent of all updates.

    Please stop claiming known bogus stuff about how great the MS stuff is. You are just as likely to be screwed with a discontinued WP7 phone as a android one.

    At least HTC is giving everyone the right to unlock their Android phones and install own firmwares.

    Lets hope Tizen is better designed on the update plan than Android.

  6. apt-get update;apt-get upgrade works for me. If I want to change to the latest release, I use apt-get dist-upgrade after pointing APT to the new repository.

    LG, others

    There are so many Android/Linux phones out there it takes longer to build the new images. When Vista/”7″ came out few of the old machines could run them.

  7. Phenom says:

    “FLOSS allows anyone to bring a product to market sooner and at lower cost.”
    Indeed, and it also prevents anyone from upgrading to the latest version of the OS. Where are the Android smartphones, which will receive an upgrade to 4.0?

    Owners of venerable iPhone and WP7 phones happily received their latest updates timely. People’s investments is safely protected.

    This is the right way to do any IT.

  8. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser Nokia treated FOSS the same way Sun and Oracle have. Google also has made same kind of early mistakes.

    Samsung is not a new kid on the Linux phone block. Really if I dig back to the first model Samsung released a Linux based phone before Nokia did.

    Nothing a few years ago is an incorrect statement bugger all market share a few years ago but not nothing.

    Samsung understands that they patch something upstream of them you better send the patch up stream it going to cause you trouble down the road if you don’t.

    Nokia still was acting with FOSS too much like I am commercial software maker I have to keep secrets. The community does not react to well to code drops from no where with no option to reject also leads to poor code auditing and poor results.

    Nokia was the new kid Dr loser. Symbian was the OS of choice by Nokia. Also open sourcing of Symbian Nokia treated the third parties like second rate as well. Does not develop a good community doing this.

    Samsung has interacted with the FOSS world better.

    QNX and RIM has not worked to well. RIM does not have one phone out using the QNX kernel.

    QNX contains posix so RIM is hoping close enough to run Android applications.

    Really middle of next year we will see how RIM plan is going. Problem is Samsung also has another plan in tizen for the same time.

    Yes android emulation by RIM is a desperate attempt to stop there ship from sinking. RIM is still stronger that MS phones.

    We could see that android and tizen take pole location on mobile phones. ie 1 and 2. Apple taking number 3 and RIM and MS and others fighting out for 4 place in the non existent space.

    MS and RIM need to pull out something exceptional.

  9. Dr Loser says:

    Interestingly, it didn’t bring that advantage to Nokia. (I’m talking about wellington-boot, pre M$, Nokia.)

    Wonder why that would be?

    Just possibly things are not as simple as you think, Robert, and there is no tech panacea out there.

    Out of interest, have you considered the acquisition of QNX by RiM? I’d be interested in the contrast between RiM and, say, Samsung.

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