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My Favourite Distro is Number One

All this chatter about Ubuntu and Linux Mint distracts people from the fact that old and respected Debian GNU/Linux still plays a major role in web-servers. It’s more popular globally than RedHat or Suse but most of that popularity lies … Continue reading

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UK Backtracks on Open Standards in IT

Glynn Moody rakes the government of the UK over the coals for backtracking. Apparently, M$ got to the upper echelons some way and the UK reversed on preferring open standards. Amazing. Computer Weekly claims M$’s buddies lobbied to throw out … Continue reading

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Adrift in a Lifeboat

Ever seen/read one of those plots where the survivors of some disaster struggle to survive and turn on each other as push comes to shove over the last food/water/plan for survival? Wintel has come to that. In the early days … Continue reading

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Samsung Phones

Samsung started from nothing a few years ago in mobile phones and is poised to overtake the world-leader, Nokia. At the rate things are going that could happen in 2012. We are not talking simply about smartphones. Nokia produces a … Continue reading

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Blessings are gifts, shared things you cannot put a price upon, like “goodwill” in financial statements, but things you know make the world a better place. Last night M$ claimed it was a blessing: “America has been blessed by our … Continue reading

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Dell Denies Data

Michael Dell ignores reality when he claims PCs are selling better than tablets all the while tablets are seeing double-digit growth and shipments of Wintel PCs are down or flat depending on where you look. Of course, Dell makes a … Continue reading

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Margin is the difference between the cost of acquiring the product and the price for selling it. Ingenic Semiconductor sells 7 inch tablets for $85 FOB (factory gate) which cost them only $35 for materials. Add a few dollars for … Continue reading

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