M$ and Nokia in a Leaky Boat

There are rumours that M$ is attempting to buy part or all of Nokia. Perhaps Nokia is getting restless about its sinking prospects being so closely tied to M$. There are also rumours that Barnes and Noble is attempting to cash in on the wild success of the Nook tablet/e-reader by selling the division that produces Nook.

In recent legal actions, Barnes and Noble is requesting access to the contracts/principals of the Nokia-M$ relationship through the ITC. Nokia has protested vigorously indicating they really want to keep matters hidden. Apparently Barnes and Noble feel M$ and Nokia are abusing their patents to stifle competiton…

Life is a lot more interesting when victims stand up to bullies. It appears to me that B&N have struck a sensitive spot in their attackers’ armour. If the machinations are shown to be abusing patents (not monopolizing inventions but blocking competition) M$’s patent bubble could be about to burst. No doubt M$ can drag out legal actions for some time but the ITC does not like to act slowly. A win by B&N could punch a big hole in M$’s ship of software patents. Expect eternal litigation and sinking monopoly on everything connected to software patents. I would not be surprised to see M$ pursue software patents even more vigorously in order to cash in to the greatest extent before the bubble bursts. The only life-jacket in sight is “8” and it does not seem capable of carrying the load.

see Groklaw – Nokia Moves To Quash Barnes & Noble’s Letter of Request the ITC Sent to Finland Re Discovery ~pj

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Clarence Moon Samsung is a rat. Tizen is not android and so Samsung does not have to pay MS for it.

    Yet MS attacking Samsung over Tizen will breach the cross licensing. So allowing Samsung to attack Microsoft.

    The merge of android tree back into mainline tree is to allow hardware makers to mess with Microsoft.

    This phone is not android it just contains a android emulator.

    Hardware makers don’t put up a pool of 50 developers to merge the two kernel trees without planning to make that back.

    Hardware makers are also not stupid. The biggest threat to there current market share is apple not MS. So Apple is the one they have to be sure not to pay money to.

    Doing deals with Android in the wording was stupid.

    Each of the deals with Microsoft contains a loop whole Clarence moon.

    I don’t have them as some band of brothers out to slay evil. I have them as a bunch of profit hungry sharks that will destroy anything that is eating into there bottom line.

    MS cannot afford to acquire Nokia. That is what I was stating. If MS does they have just killed Windows Phone for good.

    “As far as assaulting Microsoft’s markets are concerned, one company or another has been doing that since Microsoft began. They have managed to stay in the game.”

    Realy FOSS has managed to stay in the game longer. FOSS is not some young pup vs MS.

    Basically what you are stating is you believe they are too big to fail. No one is too big to fail.

  2. Clarence Moon says:

    You seem to have missed the boat once again, Mr. Oiaohm. I am of the opinion that Microsoft is not working to acquire Nokia or any of its assets and the idea has been explicitly quashed by Nokia officials.

    As far as assaulting Microsoft’s markets are concerned, one company or another has been doing that since Microsoft began. They have managed to stay in the game.

    You have a wrong view of the device manufacturers, as well. They do not care much about Android as a sharing issue, they are merely using it to their advantage where it makes sense. They are not some band of brothers out to slay the evil Microsoft. HTC and Samsung have some pretty extensive cross licensing agreements with Microsoft today. So does Sony and even Apple.

  3. oiaohm says:

    Clarence Moon you are playing with a time bomb. You don’t get it yet. How did the android makers respond to Apple patent demands.

    Start targeting to block Apple product from market.

    What happens if MS acquires Nokia. Let Microsoft get some market share then come in with a patent assault to scorch earth them.

    Hardware makers willingness to pay patents is limited.

    If windows phone turns out to be a complete flop. After hardware makers are done with Apple next target most likely will be the xbox360.

    There is tech in the xbox360 Motorola and Samsung can go after.

    Also if MS aquired Nokia that will lose them the selling advantage that MS does not have a hardware maker competing against the hardware makers who might get special treatment.

    Acquire Nokia I basically would say kiss MS mobile phones good by.

    Remember Ubuntu and Google are both going into the TV game. Android device makers are also looking at entering the game console business as well.

    There is not a single market that is not under assault one way or the other.

  4. Phenom says:

    Just to add, with recent updates Xbox turns into a rather powerful Internet TV device. MS signed deals with Sky, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, etc. This brings only fresh money into their pockets, without any investment in hardware.

    MS has the chance to become the top Internet TV provider. The combination of a top gaming console with Internet TV into one device is unique at this point.

  5. Clarence Moon says:

    Let me say up front that I essentially agree with you about the likely fate of WP7, WP7.5, or WP8 for that matter, Mr. Pogson. However, I don’t agree with what seems to be you analysis as to why.

    I don’t think that consumers actually care much about the OS in their phone. One is as good as another, and I would challenge you to show where there is anything about any of them that would cause a consumer to sit up and take notice. They may want iOS, but only because they want an iPhone. Or they may want Android, but only because they see a good deal on the phone itself and like the price and the look of the phone itself. They may want a Windows phone because the salesman has touted it highly (due to the “spiffs” as someone labeled them offered by Microsoft to successful sales clerks). Once it is in their hand, though, they all work pretty much the same and do the same things in the same way. There is no real choice in terms of OS.

    I am still of the notion that WPx might become a more frequently encountered item once Nokia gets a little more global with them and once Google completes the Motorola purchase and sets themselves up as a competitor in the Android phone space, scaring others into Microsoft’s arms. The largest Android suppliers are currently already paying Microsoft a royalty on each Android phone anyway, so it may not be such a long way to go.

    Xbox is not just an “eventually break even” story either. It crossed the break even line two years ago and is a $6+ billion dollar a year company all by itself, contributing close to $2 billion a year to the Microsoft profit column. It would be the darling of Wall Street and in the Fortune 500 today if it were a separate enterprise.

  6. I don’t care much what happens to M$ or to Nokia. I have no investment in either and they are growing irrelevant.

    I suspect Ballmer will mention Nokia in the keynote at CES this evening. I would not be surprised he announces buying some part of Nokia. It’s the only way he will be able to sell “Phoney 7”. Nokia will need a huge cash flow to continue selling it at a loss. M$ may well prop up Nokia indefinitely as they have done Bing, and Yahoo. The Xbox did eventually break even after years but I am not optimistic about “Phoney 7”. It just offers nothing consumers need/want at a reasonable price.

    Nokia has delisted from several stock exchanges.

    Further, Nokia appears to be diversifying in OS, so it’s not all that committed to M$. Buyout would fix that problem for M$.

  7. Clarence Moon says:

    Your glee may be ill-founded, Mr. Pogson. Nokia seems to be adamantly denying the idea:

    “We’ve put these rumours to rest a long time ago. The focus for Nokia is on executing on our partnership around Windows Phone and growing the ecosystem, and each company has the tools they need to do so””

    This recent statement, issued subsequent to the blogger claim, would open them up to a lot of regulatory lawsuits in numerous countries, I think, if it were found to be false information deliberately released by Nokia corporate officers. I think you can actually go to jail for that in Finland, but I may be wrong.

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