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Some Things One Has To Laugh At Even If It’s Funded By Tax Dollars

The cost overruns and delays of the F-35 programme for fighter jets are technological marvels. How in this day of automation can things go so wrong? Perhaps it’s a human failing to mis-use IT to make errors faster… The latest … Continue reading

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M$ and Nokia in a Leaky Boat

There are rumours that M$ is attempting to buy part or all of Nokia. Perhaps Nokia is getting restless about its sinking prospects being so closely tied to M$. There are also rumours that Barnes and Noble is attempting to … Continue reading

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Farewell to Mom

I am travelling today with a son and a daughter to visit my mother, probably for the last time. She’s 84 and in failing health. My earliest memory of my mother was in the kitchen. She cooked wonderful food for … Continue reading

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