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This is What “All-in” Looks Like

Amazon cloud services are exploding: “every day through 2011, AWS added the same amount of server processing capacity, on average, that it took to run the Amazon online retailing operation in 2000, when it was a $2.76bn company.” Growth rate … Continue reading

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New Stats for 2011-11

Wikimedia is putting up some data. I obtained their agents archive for November 2011. Total Agents/1000 = 5721270 Windows agents/1000 = 4422128 = 77% Linux agents/1000 = 173110 = 3% Mac agents/1000 = 531175 = 9.3% My queries on the … Continue reading

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Quadruple Whammy

Gartner sees a triple whammy for global IT spending: global economy is sluggish, the Euro is in trouble and the floods in Thailand have dampened production of hard drives seriously. For M$, I see a fourth whammy: people are loving … Continue reading

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“Is this even LEGAL?”

Chuckle. That was the reaction of one person to discovering GNU/Linux after being disgusted by that other OS falling down. After hearing so much about restrictions on copying in that other OS and the cost of repairing it repeatedly, the … Continue reading

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High Noon – Android/Linux v “8” on ARM in 2012

Digitimes reports that with less than a year to go before the release of “8”, ASUS is still thinking about whether or not it will deploy “8” on any ARMed tablets. They’ve already decided x86 is too expensive and are … Continue reading

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Smartphones: Are They of Aren’t They Replacing PCs?

Digitimes reports that 55% of handsets sold in December 2011 in Taiwan were smartphones. Clearly, people are doing more than talking with their smartphones or they wouldn’t pay the premium. People have to eat, breathe and communicate these days and … Continue reading

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