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M$, It’s Just Not Happening

M$ has recently advised users of XP that “It takes 18-24 months to plan for and deploy a new operating system” in order to hurry people up to migrate to “7” and reminding them that end-of-support is in about 800 … Continue reading

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Oracle Shoots Foot, Repeatedly, in Oracle v Google

It’s absolutely amazing that Oracle, having some of the most expensive lawyers on the planet, cannot even follow the rules of evidence and procedure. Oracle cannot even provide expert witness to many of its patent claims. The simple thing required … Continue reading

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Good Years for

I started this blog back in 2007, more or less for fun. Later, I got more serious as I found many popular forums on the web quite biased against FLOSS. Hard work pays off. Thanks to all who contributed. The … Continue reading

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US Government is a Website Vandal

The US government in its haste to support big businesses seized a bunch of uploading sites. They claim big business loses money due to uploading copyright material to servers. Tons of data is at risk of being deleted. Certainly some … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! Tilera Servers Out in March

“the ramp for the Tilera chips has been pretty steep, with over 80 engagements with system and network equipment vendors of all colors and stripes, and 20 design wins where the company has committed to use a Tile processor” Wow! … Continue reading

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Weather in UK

The weather office in UK has quit providing widgets for GNU/Linux desktops thanks to Adobe dropping support for AIR in GNU/Linux. There is a workaround. On my PC, running Debian GNU/Linux, there is an app called “metar”: metar -d eggp … Continue reading

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Strategy Analytics: Consumers are increasingly buying tablets in preference to netbooks and even entry-level notebooks or desktops

In Q4 2011, Strategy Analytics found that 26.8 million tablet PCs shipped with these distributions: iOS 57.6% Android 39.1% M$ 1.5% Others 1.9% 26.8 million is 150% more than the same quarter last year so stay tuned for more growth … Continue reading

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Ubuntu’s HUD: Why It’s A Terrible Idea

I just read another article proclaiming why HUD (Head Up Display) is a great idea. The gist of it is that HUD learns on the job improving its performance with use. HUD allows you to search for menu items by … Continue reading

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It’s True. More People Use Smartphones Than Desktop/Notebook PCs

A survey of 2000 people 18 and over in several developed countries/markets found that 68-86% used desktop/notebook PCs but 76-96% used smartphones. USA was on the low end while UK, France, Germany and Japan were successively higher in both categories. … Continue reading

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OLPC in Australia

Thanks to reader oiaohm for providing a link to the following video presentation on the One Laptop Per Child implementation in Australia. Key points: remote locations require a programme like OLPC to bring in IT to education focus is on … Continue reading

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Geography of GNU/Linux

NetApplications used to restrict geographic reports of web stats to subscribers. Today they will let anyone have the information: GNU/Linux share for the past month (counting only GNU/Linux, MacOS and that other OS) Brazil – 1.43% Russia – 1.76% India … Continue reading

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Opportunities Lost

One of the things I read about M$ is that M$ facilitated wide use of PCs and so has been a blessing over the years. While it is true that other OS was cheaper than UNIX licences back in the … Continue reading

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