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Spam of the Day

I get a modest amount of e-mail, mostly stuff I request be sent to me daily. Today I received some spam, technically something I did not want, but it is worth writing about, cost/benefit for migrating to “7”. The spam … Continue reading

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Broken Logic Around GNU/Linux Desktops

Jay Layman is the latest to lose his way. He finds 4 predictions showing FLOSS going everywhere except on the desktop in 2012. “With all of these other predictions, it will be hard for Linux to do much of anything … Continue reading

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Malaysia: IT To Become a Profession

A proposal to require certification of all IT practitioners is shocking to some but Malaysia is considering it. I imagine there would be a transitional period. The government of Malaysia widely uses and promotes GNU/Linux so I would bet re-education … Continue reading

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Finland: Land of the Free

“71 % of members of parliament responded “yes” to the claim that the state should prefer Free Software“ That’s exactly what I told the Government of Canada when they asked for proposals about how to deal with FLOSS. One survey … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Still Accelerating

Google recently announced they had 10 billion downloads from Android Market. That’s more than decent but the thing that interests me is the rate of growth. In less than one year the rate of downloading trebled and the rate of … Continue reading

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