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OS Wars in 2011

It has become fashionable to say it’s always about applications and not the platform when someone chooses in IT. I don’t buy that for a minute, otherwise you would find all OS’s represented fairly on retail shelves. That said, it … Continue reading

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Following Wintel, A Recipe For Disaster

A bunch of ODMs, tired of low margins (“Quanta Computer with 3.2%, Compal Electronics 3.31%, Wistron 3.9% and Inventec 3.8%“) and competition have decided to follow Wintel to ultrabooks. Of course, they get higher margins on higher-priced kit but the … Continue reading

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I had an opportunity to build the Linux kernel this weekend, version 3.1.5. I wanted to check size and networking for a thin client. In principle I could take almost any old kernel and put it into my TFTP directory … Continue reading

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