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Spooky. Just this morning, I predicted FLOSS would triumph on x86…

This afternoon, HP announced they are open-sourcing WebOS… I was pretty impressed with Leo’s demonstration of WebOS but HP could not do it on its own. Now, the world will get a look at the code and see whether it … Continue reading

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Bring it on, Bill, if you want a beating.

There is rumour that Bill Gates is considering a return to CEO of M$. Many expect he will give new life to M$ but there’s nothing M$ can do to adapt to changes. M$ has a huge installed base. If … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2012

I know it’s illegal in Canada to claim knowledge of future events but I am allowed to think and extrapolate from what’s happening now to a few months down the road, so here goes: M$ will release “8” early for … Continue reading

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M$ Finally Plugs Duqu Holes – A Month Late

After Duqu ravaged systems running XP to “7” for a month, M$ finally issues patches. Isn’t it great that the malware artists still have a few days to roam freely over hundreds of millions of PCs until December 13? That … Continue reading

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