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“8” Roll-out A Year Away

Let’s see: Android 4 code was released 2011-10-19 and is found on retail shelves within weeks “7” beta released 2008-12-27 and “7” was released to manufacturers 2009-7-22 and arrived in public on 2009-10-22, ten months after the beta I think … Continue reading

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Al Gillen of IDC Gets IT Right And Wrong

Al Gillen of IDC is quoted as predicting: “Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, and we expect effectively no upgrade activity from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in that form factor,” “the only real … Continue reading

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Roll-outs of GNU/Linux in Small and Medium-sized Organizations

Much has been written about huge roll-outs of GNU/Linux in education and government but most organizations are much smaller in size and have different problems. The schools where I worked were mostly smaller schools not part of a large school … Continue reading

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