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How M$’s Empire is Crumbling

I am not writing about money, which is all M$ really cares about, but share of “seats”. M$ can raise its prices for years to come to keep the money rolling in from the suckers but they cannot lock in … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Justice

Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments for class action suits on computers Finally, the Supreme Court of Canada may have an opportunity to overtune the ridiculous ruling by the BC courts that consumers cannot sue producers in a class action. … Continue reading

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Chicken and Egg – Apps and OS

M$ had a huge headstart on GNU/Linux locking in OEMs, retailers and ISVs for years. In 2008, Apple started its “app store” tm and Android/Linux started it’s “market place” a few months later. Now, Apple has 2/3 of the app … Continue reading

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Giving Back to FLOSS

Today, I had the opportunity to give back a little to FLOSS. I downloaded and installed the GNU Exterior Ballistics Calculator (gebc) to use with my hunting and target shooting. It took a bit of fiddling to install in Debian … Continue reading

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