Shipments of Kindle Fire Expected To Reach 5 Million in One Quarter

That has to hurt Apple’s dreams of monopoly. One model of tablet, from a single supplier, taking such a large share of shipments of tablets pretty well guarantees that other suppliers will drop prices to compete against Kindle Fire and Apple will take a big hit in share of market unless Apple also reduces prices.

see Digitimes – Quanta shipments of Kindle Fire reach 3-4 million units

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  1. Clarence Moon says:

    You are a real fanatic, Mr. Oiaohm! But that has been established a number of times here and elsewhere per the cites made by others.

    You are also apparently not correct about the Fire having a USB OTG port. Upon investigation in Amazon user forums, the issue has been tested and shown to not work as you suggest. See:

  2. oiaohm says:

    Kozmcrae don’t worry your response was kinda normal. That I appear to be English-as-a-second-language speaker is what I expect.

    You most likely not had that much dealing with people with dyslexia to be able to spot the give away patterns we have. It a common mistake for a person with dyslexia to be suspected that English is there second or third language. When I was at worst people were suspecting I was just learning english. That you thinking english was my second or third shows progress.

    The gut rats will do anything to try to undermine creditability of the person instead of focusing on the facts the person is raising. Basically I was not insulted by your actions. But as you have seen I am pretty good at taken care of myself.

    Most of the time I don’t need defending by attacking me they are digging themselves into a hole. Its like hitting a person in a wheel chair for no good reason. Now attacking the facts if I am wrong then they do get something over me. Now that you know what I am you more know how to respond when they are picking at my english. The attempt of that is to make out my english is poor so I cannot read. That is directly not true of course. We both know its not true so we might as well laugh at the rat for being so narrow minded.

    Dyslexia my writing might be poor but my reading is in fact above average same with my recall. Yes many years of my life due to dyslexia I could not write self notes memory or fail.

    Lets just say the gut rats are mostly incompetent and that is why they are so useless against a person like me. I have high ethics. I am little too bunt at times with the user of moron and incompetent but that is exactly what I am thinking to some of the responses.

    Mind you the rats don’t pull their punches either. A long time ago I use to avoid using the word moron and incompetent. Just say my nasty side has been over 15 years in the making mostly from the abuse of rats. Since I cannot afford to pull punches too light against them or they will not get the point.

    Also the rats let you learn stuff about people like oldman. He has a sheep nature. Since he followed and repeated what a rat did without considering if that was wise or right. Yes this sheep nature you see in school play grounds and some people think its good its how bullies get hurt people worse. Sheep nature is also the cause of mob violence. This does undermine what I do think of his judgement.

    One of my rules never take advice from Yes Men. Being a sheep shows high odds of just being a Yes Man. It will take him a fair while to prove to me that he can truly think for himself and not just repeat what he been told or just suspects. Yes oldman lot of what I hear form you I heard at vmware and microsoft conferences speakers who goal is to sell product no matter if it suits the task at hand. But at times you do show a glimmer of being able to think for self oldman do want to see more of that and less of the sheep. I do enjoy talking to you oldman when you are not being sheep.

    So the rats are not 100 percent useless. Rats are in fact depending on people with sheep natures to follow their lead and increase their attack. 15 years on-line I have a lot of experience under my belt. The rats are as much an annoyance as they are a tool to sort out who you should not trust from those who you might trust in time.

    Really I don’t want people to use Linux just because I am. I want people using Linux because it solves there problems.

    Basically we have rats, sheeps, PR people(these are the ones who are open about what company they are working for) and real true skilled operators and new users. Of course the real true skilled operators do go head to head with each other from time to time and that is the fun stuff.

  3. Kozmcrae says:

    @ oiaohm

    Let me take this time to apologize to you for mistaking you for a English-as-a-second-language speaker. I was only trying to defend you from the slings and arrows of the Microsoft gutter rats. They have no respect for self or for others.

    I do appreciate your thorough and fact filled posts. It relieves me of the task and lets me concentrate on the fallacy of their position and exposing their agenda. A task I thoroughly enjoy.

    The more they poke fun at you the more they want you to shut up. The more they want you to shut up, the more you are hitting them where it hurts.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Nook and Kindle Fire the usb port is usb on the go type.

    So yes you could connect a standard keyboard or storage device to it as long as the device did not have to power it or you did not care about shorted battery life. Also you can also load in books by the usb host mode using a usb on the go cable to connect it.

    Basically there are three modes. Host, undecided and Device mode. Device mode kindle is basically a brick unless custom firmware or setting altered. Host mode is your normal operation mode and supports keyboards flash drives…. As long as the kindle does not have to power them. Powered usb hub is more than suitable. Basically host and undecided kindle fire is normal state functional.

    Basically some fancy cabling and you can copy books and data between kindles without requiring a computer. Yep one kindle fire goes into host one into device copy away.

  5. Clarence Moon says:

    There is a mini USB connector that is used to charge the internal battery and to connect to a PC for using the Fire as an external memory device to let you download MP3, MOBI, JPG, PDF, and maybe other file types directly to the Fire, but a cable is not supplied. You can upload unlimited files to the Amazon “cloud” and download to the Fire via wi-fi, too. I had a cable for a Nook and that works for the Fire, too.

    But when the cable is attached to my laptop, the Fire goes into a memory port mode just like my MP3 player and camera. You can’t do anything with the Fire when that cable is connected to anything but the power block.

    I would expect that this behavior is due to the way it is internally programmed, but I do not think that many people would want to mess with that in order to use a keyboard. I would personally have a very hard time doing that and do not know how at the moment.

  6. pogson says:

    OMG! Those who claim the desktop/notebook is essential have just been proven wrong. Thanks.

    Have you figured out whether or not you can hook a real keyboard to it? There must be a way…

  7. clarence moon says:

    Sent from my Kindle!

  8. Clarence Moon says:

    I got mine yesterday! It was a day late apparently due to UPS being overwhelmed by the great success this year of on-line ordering.

    I am delighted with the thing. I had read a lot of negative reviews about how it lacked any security and was slow or choppy in response compared to iPad, but that is certainly not the case today. It comes with an easy to use sign on security feature and everything scrolls smoothly and videos from streaming sources are totally without interruption.

    I have been playing around with the iPads in the family lately and I think the Fire is actually superior to it in terms of response. It is certainly easier to hold and use. At 40% of the price of the cheapest iPad, it is going to change the landscape for sure.

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