The Neatest Thing About Debian GNU/Linux

There are a lot of things I like about Debian GNU/Linux. At the moment APT is the thing I love most. I just upgraded my most complex system, Beast, from it’s thin client, using SSH to the next release and I did not even have to reboot the thin client. Everything I use is working smoothly on Wheezy, which actually is still in “testing”. How smooth is that?

I edited /etc/apt/sources.list to name “wheezy” as the flavour instead of “squeeze” and ran
apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade.
A package I had installed and don’t use hung up so I had to repeat the command to restart the process at one point but everything else still works, my databases, web applications, search engines, and even the apt-cacher process running on Beast to cache downloaded packages.

Beast is headless and I did everything from its thin client. I just had to reconnect the SSH session after Beast’s single reboot. How cool is that? 😎 Debian GNU/Linux can do all that and it’s still not good enough to release to Debian developers’ standards. Compare that with the experience of the XP users who were not allowed to upgrade to Vista/”7″ without paying and re-installing. All my apps are here with me and upgraded… Amen.

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  1. Kozmcrae says:

    It’s not just being forced to pay for a system upgrade, it’s the simplicity of the upgrade process. That’s what you get with a developer/user created operating system. It’s no more complicated than it needs to be. Microsoft’s Windows is needlessly complex. I suspect that is due to gobbing on features rather than starting from scratch.

    You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well in this case two pictures are worth a couple of thousand steadfast denials.

    And that’s just this blog.

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