Lenovo Displaces Dell As #2 Supplier Of PCs

iSuppli reports that in Q3 of 2011, Lenovo exceeded Dell’s PC shipments. Lenovo had huge growth thanks to its huge home market growth. HP stumbled a bit although it had good growth too. I suspect some growth is due to support for GNU/Linux as well. Lenovo has long supplied systems with GNU/Linux and sells them in volume through its business channels. Lenovo certifies many of its systems to run with a variety of GNU/Linux distros.

On a side note, even NetApplications reports that 1.5million more PCs are running GNU/Linux globally (0.1% share) each month. Someone is supplying those PCs and it is as likely as not Dell and Lenovo supplying China. They actually show an increase in XP’s share. Is someone still shipping XP? Is it illegal copying? Are people unhappy with “7”?

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2 Responses to Lenovo Displaces Dell As #2 Supplier Of PCs

  1. Clarence Moon says:

    If you are an HP stockholder and you have a beef with management, it is a lot easier to just sell your HPQ than to root around looking for your pitchfork and kerosene to foryour torch.

  2. gewg_ says:

    HP stumbled a bit
    Well, let’s see. They brought in a software guy to run the company and he decided he was going to knife the (hardware) baby. It’s a wonder ANYONE bought hardware from HP in Q3.
    Apotheker’s golden parachute is a prime example of how ridiculous executive hiring and executive compensation is.
    What really amazes me is that HP stockholders haven’t stormed the board meetings with torches and pitchforks.

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