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War, and Rumours of War in 2012

There always seems to be war somewhere on the planet. A decade ago, the seeds of Afghanistan and Iraq were sprouting. Now it’s Syria and Iran. Some people need war to be relevant, the military-industrial complex and politicians. Does Obama … Continue reading

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Scrapping Things in 2012

Sometimes one gives up on maintaining something old, obsolete or worn out. It’s too bad we had to wait years for the stupid registry of unrestricted firearms to be scrapped. It’s still not quite done as there still remains third … Continue reading

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Cuba: Progress with GNU/Linux

In 2009, Cuba set a goal of independence in IT by 2011. Let’s see how they are doing… 2009-02-24 20% of PCs run GNU/Linux – Goal is 50% within 5 years NovaLinux, designed by University of Havana is working on … Continue reading

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Death and Rebirth of the Netbook

As much as some of the Wintel “partners” would wish small cheap computers to go away, the netbook keeps going like the Energizer Bunnytm. Shipments are down quite a bit from a year ago with all the noise about smart … Continue reading

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One of the Nails in M$’s Coffin

Somewhere in the early 1990s, M$ really got the concept of monopoly. Everything they did was about killing competition. Almost nothing was done to give end-users great software. They created Lose 3.1 and Lose ‘9x. They had a shot at … Continue reading

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Bringing Android/Linux Home in 2012

Two disappointments for me have been the licensing of Android and the kernel split. We seem to be stuck with the former situation but the kernel is coming home. A project of 15 developers has begun to prepare Android to … Continue reading

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Report on the Christmas Party Last Night…

It went on until 0500 for me… It was a very long day. Highlights: the house was full – perhaps 50 people diverse food was carried in – everything from roast pig to vegetarian egg-rolls smothered in peanut sauce. My … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Had a Great Year

The Document Foundation put out a Christmas card with this bit of information: “Today, over 30 million people use LibreOffice in 109 languages, a software developed by 40 core developers and a total of over 300 active developers plus 280 … Continue reading

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Apache Software Foundation Hits Their Sore Thumb Again

ASF has done a lot of good work with their world-famous server and many other server tools. On the desktop, their venture into is another matter. In a recent blog entry ASF attempted to define the benefits of doing … Continue reading

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“7”, Designed to Fail

I read how secure “7” is all the time. Here is a trivial DOS/BSOD attack against 64bit-“7” that is delivered by normal HTML via the Safari web browser. Safari runs on 5% of PCs according to NetApplicatons. “7” runs on … Continue reading

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Strange Things Found in Strange Places

I have never been to Viet Nam. Most of my knowledge comes from coverage of the Viet Nam war on television. I was looking at IDC’s news this week and found mention of tablet sales in Viet Nam and was … Continue reading

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Birthday Party

There was a party at my house this evening and besides the warm/fuzzy familial stuff, two people were introduced to GNU/Linux. One wanted to check FaceBook and the other wanted to know more. All I had to do was boot … Continue reading

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