Distro Dance

The recent commotion about Ubuntu being displaced in popularity by Mint is a distraction from what’s really happening. No longer is Ubuntu a default choice. In fact, if you look at the 7 day scores, Ubuntu and Mint, together, are less than the next most popular 8 distros:

rank distro Hits per day
1 Mint 7909
2 Ubuntu 2075
3 openSUSE 1980
4 Fedora 1715
5 Debian 1616
6 Mageia 1475
7 Arch 1410
8 ZevenOS 1309
9 Vector 1185
10 Puppy 1043

There is obviously a huge installed base of GNU/Linux out there and this dance is a minor twitch in the reality. It does indicate a vibrant ecosystem with choice as a distinguishing feature compared to Wintel.

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