Apple Loses Its Injunction Against Samsung in Australia

A court decided Apple had a weak case and was unlikely to succeed in a full trial and so the injunction will be removed shortly unless Apple can get a higher court to play their game.

see The Register – Samsung gets a win in Oz patent battle

I expect more such decisions as Apple’s case is very weak IMHO. Judges who have issued the injunctions have only glanced at the devices rather than examined closely the details. Further the ITC in the USA is looking at the issue of importation of devices violating patents and other matters. Apple is gambling with their reputation and is about to lose in a big way. In a mud-slinging contest, some will stick.

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  1. Clarence Moon says:

    It does seem rather odd that whatever works in Europe and Australia, halfway around the world, does not work 10 miles down the freeway! I don’t think that it should work in the EU or AU either, and I agree that such lawsuits are counter-productive, likely as not to create a push back by the public who see them as somewhat unfair. But most people do not get very excited over Microsoft vs Google vs Oracle vs Apple sorts of tiffs.

    Anyway the United States does not have such a problem and I was able to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy and the Acer Iconia 10″ tablets this weekend. Both were on sale, the Galaxy for $449 and the Iconia for $379. Quite frankly, I can see where Apple is likely to stay in the lead, lawsuits or not.

    The Galaxy lacks the integrated functional appearance of the iPad and had a sort of massive jumble of apps presented on its main screen view much like a crowded desktop view on a PC. The apps seemed to work well, but the overall experience was not as contained (looking for a better word) as with the iPad or, in my case, the Amazon Fire. The device itself seems to be equivalent to the iPad and does, indeed, pretty much resemble the iPad although it seemed a little more narrow.

    The Acer was a distant third, in my opinion, and was much heavier than the Galaxy even though it looked a little thinner.

    I think that either would be as functional as needed once you got used to them. The Acer is noticeably heavier, though, and I think that is a big minus.

  2. That’s a hoot, isn’t it when Apple cannot get an injunction in the home country?

    Judge Koh added, “Apple has established a likelihood of success on the merits at trial,” and went on to add that Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents, but that it was unlikely to overcome Samsung’s challenges to the validity of the patent, with Apple requiring both proof of infringement and validity of the infringed patent to succeed in its lawsuit.

    The world should ban Apple.

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