A Visit to Brazil

I was checking out DuckDuckGo search engine and used its setting to prefer .br and found VivaOLinux. It is a GNU/Linux-friendly site and I did not find any trolls in my brief visit. How refreshing. It’s in the top 10K sites in Netcraft stats. Compare that with DesktopLinux.com in USA which just scrapes by to get in the top million sites.

Then there’s

Clearly, Brazil loves GNU/Linux much more than USA. I think it has to do with the retail lock that M$ has on OEMs and retailers in USA (Canada, too). Clearly, there are many people in USA interested in GNU/Linux but they cannot force M$’s partners to distribute GNU/Linux. Let’s hope the imminent decline of that other OS to Android/Linux and the shortage of hard drives prompts some change on that front. The OEMs and retailers cannot push that other OS if there is a shortage of product and prices rise.

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2 Responses to A Visit to Brazil

  1. pogson says:

    It looks like a thriving community with lots of helpful comments in the forums. Too bad I am incompetent in Portugese. I have to rely on Google Translate…

  2. Agent_Smith says:

    Oh, boy, you should pay us a visit, in http://www.pclinuxosbrasil.com.br

    Brazil has an old tradition on Open Source. Conectiva(the distro I started on Linux) was very respected, and, creator of several things in Linux (just to name two from memory: Windowmaker and porting Apt-Get to RPM systems).
    So, come more often. You are welcome.

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