Government and Business Quit Throwing Money at Wintel

Bloomberg are now making the same observations that I have for months now, people and organizations love small cheap computers and they are not getting that from the Wintel monopoly. Some are holding back on migrating to “7”. Some are adopting thin clients and some are switching as much as they can to small cheap computers running FLOSS.

It just does not make sense for individuals, organizations, businesses or governments to choose the most expensive option for IT, Wintel. Best practice is to partition IT workloads so that stuff that can be done on smaller cheaper computers is done there: embedded stuff, single-task stations, standard office operations, and anything that uses a web application can certainly be done using FLOSS on a tiny personal computer/thin client. This became obvious to many when Vista emerged from the shadows. People just did not want to pay more to get less. Now with economic realities like the economy, unemployment and natural disasters, the Wintel treadmill is broken and people are walking on their own feet instead.

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