50% Off Desktops

IBM and Canonical are working together to provide better desktops at lower costs:
“If a company is a ‘Windows shop,’ at some point it will need to evaluate the significant costs of migrating its base to Microsoft’s next desktop,” said Bob Picciano, general manager, IBM Lotus. “American businesses have asked for a compelling alternative that can help them free up PC expenses to use for more strategic collaboration and business transformation projects.”

Maybe this explains the reluctance to go with “7”. It just costs too much for what it delivers. The compelling alternative are cloudy collaboration packages on Ubuntu GNU/Linux thin clients, often on recycled machines or new. That seems a lot like what I have been providing schools for the last 7 years. Eventually business catches up to new/old ideas. Organizations that intend to make money more efficiently using IT should examine the price/performance. If they don’t their competitors will.

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It offers performance and flexibility at a very low price.

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  1. syd barrett says:

    >Some very exclusive restaurants serve a chocolate >and ice cream confection covered in gold leaf

    I wasnt sure if you were serious so I googled this:

    5) Golden Opulence Sundae
    Restaurant: Serendipity 3 Café, New York City
    Damage: $1000

    As the most expensive sundae today according to Guiness World Records, this Golden Opulence Sundae is no longer Serendipity Café’s most expensive dessert. A big hit with celebrities and Manhattan’s elite, the sundae consists of 5 scoops of Tahitian ice cream that has been infused in Madagascar vanilla and rolled in 23-carat edible gold leaf. It is drizzled with expensive bittersweet chocolate, gold-plated dragets, truffles, and eaten with an 18k golden spoon. Set on the top is a smaller glass bowl of sweetened caviar that has been infused with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac liqueur.

    >This is very similar to Microsoft’s business model.

    GREAT analogy.

  2. Clarence Moon says:

    I think it is a matter of understanding and concern for economy versus perceived risk. If computer users do not know about alternatives, they will never choose them. Similarly, if they are not very worried about the savings that are possible or if their understanding does not adequately cover the risks involved, they will keep their status quo.

    If a company or government agency is desperate for cost savings, they will accept a lot of perceived risk since the alternatives may be worse, i.e. staff reductions and/or services elimination. A good example is the home telephone business. The Bell companies charge a lot and pay a lot of taxes on service that is available at a much lower price from cable companies or Vonage. Even MagicJack can be used for a lot less.

    So why do the Bells stay in business? The same reason that Microsoft sells Windows with each PC we buy, namely we don’t know that we can do anything else and/or we don’t care enough about the savings to waste time trying to understand the issues. That is just the way people behave.

  3. Waldo Frankenhammer III says:

    Some very exclusive restaurants serve a chocolate and ice cream confection covered in gold leaf. Essentially a gold plated dessert. The gold adds nothing of nutritional value to the meal. It simply passes through the digestive system intact. But, as you can imagine, such a dessert is very expensive.

    This is very similar to Microsoft’s business model. They are selling gold plated software. All the glitz, shine and abundance of useless features adds nothing to the productivity of their customers. Microsoft, however, uses this as an excuse to charge far more than the actual worth of the product. Those features, glitz and shine pass through their entire service life without producing anything of value.

    It appears, as Mr. Pogson has pointed out, that Microsoft’s customers are beginning to get a clue. There is no need to dine on gold plated software when nutritious software is available at market prices.

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