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50% Off Desktops

IBM and Canonical are working together to provide better desktops at lower costs: “If a company is a ‘Windows shop,’ at some point it will need to evaluate the significant costs of migrating its base to Microsoft’s next desktop,” said … Continue reading

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M$, Finally Admitting Installation Is Second-Rate, Promises Improvement

The kind of installations that GNU/Linux has had for many years may finally be available to users of that other OS. M$’s data shows “clean install” times like 32 minutes becoming 21 minutes. That’s still not close to what I … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Get Much Smaller Than This, But It Could Be Cheaper

I really believe there is a large place in the market for small cheap computers, much larger than a niche. There’s just no need for wasted material in personal computing. We are getting close to “perfection” with thin clients and … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun/e-mail in Novell v M$

The judge yesterday refused to dismiss the case against M$ so it will continue. I cannot see the jury deciding for M$ given this “smoking gun” in Bill Gates’ hand: “From: Bill Gates To: Bill Bass; Bob Muglia; Brad Silverberg; … Continue reading

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