Wave of Tablet-Buying

In February 2011, Changewave surveyed US consumers and found 5% were thinking of buying a tablet personal computer. In November the result is 14%. That’s phenomenal but also important is the target. In February, 82% of those thinking of buying a tablet were thinking iPad. Now it’s 65%. That’s a huge change in mind-share. Kindle Fire is top of the non-iPad list followed by Samsung Galaxy Tab. Imagine how the momentum has changed in less Apple-friendly regions like China… 2012 could be the end of Apple’s tablet monopoly. No wonder the lawsuits. Apple was trying to preserve the monopoly one way or another. It’s not working.

see The Register The title is misleading, “Kindle Fire demand hits iPad rivals not iPad”. A drop of 21% of mind-share in 9 months is a hit. Kindle Fire runs Android/Linux so it’s no hit for Android/Linux that Kindle is catching fire.

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  1. Clarence Moon says:

    I think that the manufacturers see themselves competing with one another and do not care much about Android itself. Kindle Fire seems to be the winner outside of Apple. Motorola and Samsung are not so happy about it, I am sure. I personally am eager to get a Kindle Fire. I had zero interest in getting an iPad or a Galaxy or a Xoom, but I was sold on the affinity that it has with Amazon.

    It works with their Prime streaming movies and TV shows, and free apps are available for Netflix and Hulu streaming, too. I have all three of those, so I think it will be useful. And the Fire has all the Kindle book access as well, including the free stuff from Prime. I think that gives them an edge over Nook as well as the Google app store.

  2. pogson says:

    I think that is true. Google seems content with OEMs’ efforts so far. OEMs are happy and consumers are happy. It works.

  3. Kozmcrae says:

    It looks like the only way Microsoft can accomplish a turn in their market fortunes is through government intervention and litigation. Apple seems to be putting all their eggs in the litigation basket.

    So Google is the only company willing to give their customers the very best that the technology can offer. Microsoft, on the other hand, would meter out the features but make a big marketing stink about it telling their customers how wonderful they are. Google lets the features speak for themselves.

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