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Finally Admitting Their OS Weak, M$ Will Ship Anti-Virus With “8”

Cutting out the middleman, M$ intends to cash in on the lucrative anti-virus market by cutting out the industry M$ created by shipping an OS with no inherent security for decades. “8” will include anti-virus. Fortunately XP and “7” will … Continue reading

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Why Governments and Business Should Not Use M$’s Stuff

There is a story that is now told describing the legacy of insecurity that is M$’s operating system: malicious software involved was used in targeted attacks focused on governments, political organizations and the defense industry the attackers have used known … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

“There is going to be a crowd that is just too cool to use something that looks really slick and there is nothing we can do for them.”, said Mark Shuttleworth. There are two things wrong with that, Mark Shuttleworth … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges in IT

I like how M$ spews impressive numbers when it compares itself to Google. The numbers are impressive: one copy of M$’s office suite 2010 sold every second $5.6 billion in quarterly revenue But, look at the units. Google is selling … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire is a Tablet PC

Ars Technica claims Kindle Fire is not a tablet, but they are wrong. It has a setting to allow installing other software so you can extend the limited Android/Linux distro Amazon installs on it or put GNU/Linux or a full … Continue reading

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$60 UbiSlate Designed in Canada, Built in India

UbiSlate is a tablet designed to make Internet access affordable in India and promoted by the Government of India for $35 to students in WiFi-only model. Using solar power and $2/mo wireless Internet with huge data-compression fits the infrastructure of … Continue reading

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Wave of Tablet-Buying

In February 2011, Changewave surveyed US consumers and found 5% were thinking of buying a tablet personal computer. In November the result is 14%. That’s phenomenal but also important is the target. In February, 82% of those thinking of buying … Continue reading

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2012 Will be The Year of Quad-core ARMed Devices

“HTC is also developing another quad-core smartphone, the HTC Zeta, which will be powered by a Qualcomm 2.5GHz CPU and equipped with a 4.5-inch display, 8-megapixel camera as well as Beats, HTC Sense 4.0 and complete cloud content, the sources … Continue reading

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