Android, Android, Android!

About 10% of devices people use to browse the web are now Android/Linux smart phones and the number (200 million and counting) continues to rise at the rate of 550K per day.

Two OEMs shipping Android/Linux smart phones each exceed Apple’s rate of shipment, Samsung and HTC.

The first Android 4/Ice Cream Sandwich devices have reached consumers.

M$ still has no hold on the mobile market.

This is a great era in IT. We are at the tipping point where M$ might be able to stabilize its monopoly by releasing “8” and getting Phoney “7” to work for them or the slide will become a headlong rush into the ditch. Now that Android 4 is available, there is no reason Android/Linux cannot take hold in the tablet market and spread to notebooks and desktops. I find that much more likely than that Ubuntu will do that but it is great to have two horses in the race… and having a one year headstart on the incumbent.

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  1. Kozmcrae says:

    Microsoft has been in the mobile smartphone business since April 2000 (via Wiki). Yet Microsoft and their boosters say that Android had a one year “head start” on them. Clearly something is wrong with their thinking (nothing new there).

    What actually happened was that Microsoft was plodding along, adding a few features here and there, telling their customers how they were “pushing” the envelop on the technology and delivering awesome new features to them.

    Then, along comes Google’s Android. Google completely redefines the market by delivering blistering new technology and a huge garden of applications to pick from. Microsoft is left standing in Google’s dust, stunned. It takes about a year for Microsoft to recover from its stupor.

    That’s where the year head start business comes from. Yes, it isn’t fair that Google completely redefined the mobile phone market. To Microsoft, “fair” means controlling everything. Microsoft loves to play the “poor little old me” card. How lame can they get? Very lame apparently.

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